Building a responsible and reliable team

At Change, we believe we need to do more to help out our fellow man, whether that be ensuring our workplace is built for our employees to thrive, or for our candidates to experience a best in class service, or for our clients to feel like they can always rely on us to find the best talent tailored for them.

Recruiters with a conscience

But that’s not enough for Change, we will always try and do more. We want to be known as the recruiters with a conscience. That’s why we are partnering with several non for profits to do heavily discounted recruitment where their goal is to make the world a better place. Each consultant at Change will be given free rein to choose 1 company that they believe in to offer their services to.

We also want to transcend recruitment. Typically a recruitment company will try and dazzle you with super trips to Vegas, Monaco or the Swiss Alps as part of the draw to entice you in (which we will also be doing!) but what about a recruitment company that pledges one super trip a year to go build wells in Africa, to run sports camps in Asia or provide relief in war-torn countries. That’s what we want to do, we want to use our resources to change the world.

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