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Hiring the right employee can completely change a company’s direction, at Change, we understand the importance of getting that right. Whilst relevant technology skills are fantastic the impact of a bad culture fit on a team’s performance can be far-reaching. 

At Change, we work closely with candidate’s and employers to make sure you are both entering a long-term partnership and set up for success. By staying in touch with passive talent in niche markets, assessing their drivers and desires we can offer the perfect match quickly and efficiently.   

By employing a fixed-term employee, you are offering a candidate some benefits of a permanent position such as holiday and longer notice but still allowing for the efficiencies of hiring for a project with an inevitable end date.

Our Service Offering

Permanent hiring

Charged at an agreed % of the candidate’s salary package.

Fixed Term Hiring

Done on a pro rata basis of a permanent salary dependant on the length of contract.

Bulk hiring

If you are looking to scale up your business quickly with permeant hires, we can partner on multiple positions with reduced fees and increased Engagement.

Looking to hire?

We use cutting edge technology, to source, monitor and retain the best people in the market. We leverage our networks to thoroughly vet and qualify the candidates before they speak with you, shortening your interview process and ensuring a very high success rate in hiring.

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