The State of Digital Recruitment in these Crazy Times

07 Feb 2022

The last couple of years have turned out to be pretty crazy, flipping the planet and every aspect of our lives on its head. And digital recruitment is no exception, anyone who’s been in the hiring game throughout knows this all too well.

So what are some of the big changes and how have they affected recruiting?

Online interviews

We’ll start with the most obviously affected aspect of digital recruitment that has had to adapt to these unprecedented times, interviews.

This has arguably improved interviews by simplifying scheduling, allowing candidates to fit the interview around their potentially hectic job seeking days and save themselves travel expenses and time for a job they might not even get.

The advantages aren't all for the candidate though. Juggling candidate interviews, shuffling things around and attending to a flow of people coming through the office door are all simplified by the use of virtual meeting places like Skype or Zoom.

Brand Reputation

People are starting to really care how a business is perceived by the outside world, not wanting to work for an immoral or unethical business, no matter the salary.

If one quick Google brings up a strew of negativity then they will definitely think twice about signing for that company.

This can be a bit of an obstacle when dealing with not so scrupulous businesses. This is why we try to deal with only decently presented businesses. We want the employment experience to be smooth and positive for every party involved, cementing our own positive brand reputation that we’ve been working so hard to achieve.


Artificial intelligence

Advances in machine learning have been an absolute boon for hirers, super streamlining processes with amazing automation abilities.

A.I. recruitment tools can be used to analyse the profiles and screen hundreds of candidates in an insanely short amount of time, saving recruiters hours upon hours of time and tons of energy.

By reducing the amount of exhausting, mundane work required of the recruiter, they can focus their energy on the delicate and finer aspects of making placements.


Passive recruitment

Passive recruitment, the act of pursuing candidates not actively seeking employment, has really started to take off as recruiters have realised the benefits of leaving the talent pool and go hunting for the best candidate out there.

Passive recruitment really expands your choice as not only does it give you more options to pick from, but they are generally well qualified, effectively being preselected for you by another company.

Passive recruitment takes more courting and is generally harder but the results it reaps can be much greater. It’s not for everyone, but for those working in a specific niche like us, it can work wonders in delivering quality assets to a business.



The combination of rapidly advancing technology and a global crisis has forced digital recruitment to change to keep pace, benefiting everyone involved. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad.