Talent Acquisition Tips Nobody Talks About

25 Oct 2021

Hiring managers and employers alike agree: finding the A+ candidate is a challenge.

But do you ever wonder how things went during the dark ages of recruitment? How is it more difficult for them to filter out gems out of paper files?

No job boards to post your vacancies.

No LinkedIn to look for candidates.

No whiteboards to scribble down CV's.

In other words, no database to rely on

All you have is your patience and the paper files in your cabinet. Back in the days, recruiters needed to make a way to stand out in a job-classified section in Sydney Morning Herald. It is a competition of attention-grabbing headlines that will lure job-seekers.

But nowadays, recruiting is a breeze. With today's advanced technology, anyone can find a candidate. Indeed that's a fact, but finding a top-notch, qualified candidate can be a tedious thing.

Having said that, below are 'secret' ways to draw in talents:


1. Learn how to qualify for a job order.

Ten years ago, no one would send you an email on a Monday morning tell “get me someone as efficient as XXXX.” But believe it or not, many digital recruiters would follow this ‘brief’ right away.

Recruiters before never worked that way. They don't send you a 'job order' and assume that you know what they want. Instead, they would rather spend time explaining the position, hiring manager's background, and the skill set to look for.

Rather, they create a brief that can be filled easily. They set expectations and provide advice where needed. They also add a challenging factor to add some fun into the whole process.

In return, this helps them get a diverse candidate pool that has the 'right' skills and the right attitude.

Today, the majority of digital recruiters don't know the old-fashioned role of qualification. They think that they can find anyone to fill the job order by posting it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and sending out recruiters on their behalf.

This is where you need to step in. Make sure that you put up your qualifications first.


2. Join and engage with online talent communities.

It is one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with potential talent.

Online talent communities are useful in many ways. One of the upsides is that you can talk to them easily. You don't need to mail or call them like in real life. Engaging with potential candidates in the chat box is much easier.

Most recruiters nowadays take forever to set up an appointment. On top of that, they usually call after hours when the person is already sleeping. Naturally, this will make it difficult for you to make them understand your position.

To get new hires, you need to take advantage of social media.

Join and engage with online talent communities. Use LinkedIn and Twitter to get in touch with potential candidates.


3. Build a powerful CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system.

We all know that talent is a people business. Recruiters will always go for the candidate who brings in the best ROI.

If you talk to someone who has worked for 20 years in digital recruitment, they would want to tell you about the days they owned the whole process. They knew every single person that went into their database.

With an efficient CRM system, you can maintain better candidate relationships and track candidate progress. The system will allow you to reach out to people you're not connected with yet based on the network they have in their professional circle.

This works best for niche recruitment agencies out there. These agencies typically struggle the most in hunting the right candidate. Without a planned system, it is difficult to have a clear picture of the potential talent.


4. Focus on human interaction, not just technology.

With all these digital tools, you shouldn't rely on them too much. You can't just connect with someone and expect that they will work for you.

You need to maintain good communication, and that's one thing that technology can't give you: human interaction.

Take time to be friendly, warm, and inviting. It's easier said than done, but you can at least give them an opportunity first. Ask them about their career goals first. This will give you an insight into their current mindset.


Talent acquisition has become so easy now. But it doesn't mean that you are losing the value of your time by spending it on digital recruitment. Remember that time invested in hiring is an investment for your own company. Draw in the right talent, and you will get better productivity in return.