So, what is Digital Recruitment?

21 Feb 2022

Like everything in the modern world, recruitment is becoming more and more digital. This is where recruitment is changing and whilst face to face is still a great tool, the digital world of process is fast becoming a necessity. Recruiters who want to attract the best talent turn to digital recruiting strategies to stand out from the crowd and land the best hires. 

Especially with young talent, organizations need to be leveraging digital technology to allow candidates to showcase their skills in an environment they feel comfortable.  

If you’re not already making the switch, by the end of this article, you will be. So let’s start off by defining precisely what digital recruiting is and the benefits it brings to organizations. From there, we’ll walk you through our 9 top tips to nailing a killer digital recruiting strategy to ensure you’re ready to find the best candidates online. 


So, what is Digital Recruitment?

Digital Recruitment occurs when hiring managers and human resources professionals use technology as a tool to attract and hire the best talent for an open job listing.

It is so much more than just posting your job advert online. A proper digital recruiting strategy covers everything from vacancy planning to employee onboarding, using techniques across social media platforms, online public relations, skills testing, virtual/online events and online job boards. 

Digital recruitment strategy covers all of those areas, harnessing the power of digital technology makes it easier to cover all of that ground. Recruiters can get in front of high-quality candidates without leaving their (home) office, connecting directly with high-quality talent, even when they’re not actively looking for a new role. 

There’s a good chance you’re already doing some sort of digital or virtual recruiting. But are you executing a broader digital recruitment strategy? Here’s why you should be!

So, what do we gain from Digital Recruitment?

Exploiting the power of digital technology has delivered considerable upticks in efficiency and revenue across many different industries. Recruitment is no exception. So let’s throw a few benefits out there for you to think about:

  • Exposure. The most significant benefit of digital recruitment is the ability to get yourself placed in front of more candidates. Whether it is through job boards, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms, getting in front of more candidates and more importantly getting in front of the right candidates can be achieved in just a few clicks.
  • Efficiency. Digital hiring tools not only help you gain the right exposure and they also allow you to manage candidate responses. There’s no need to manually filter through hundreds of resumes with software tools handling these tasks automatically. This will free up your valuable time to smash the other aspects of your digital recruiting strategy.
  • Getting the Top Candidates. If you add greater exposure and improved efficiency together, you ultimately get a better quality of candidate. Think of it like fishing – if you can cast a wider net, which has fewer holes in it, you’re going to land a better catch. This means boosting your client satisfaction by delivering the best talent on the market to their open vacancy.
  • Maximise ROI. Shorter time-to-hire and high-quality candidates mean you’re getting more done in less time for greater reward. Especially in an agency environment, that means billing targets get smashed out of the water, and the commission comes rolling in.
  • Creating that great Candidate Experience. Especially for young talent, digital is where people feel at home. Making the most of digital technologies will improve the candidate experience, making it easier for them to engage with your brand, get instant application feedback, and progress through the recruitment process faster.

Managing your performance

When using digital hiring tools, there’s no longer an excuse for not understanding your performance. Many tools will track these for you automatically, alongside generating scheduled reports to view the results in an instance. 

Whether you’re just executing your digital strategy or you’ve been up and running for a while, tracking the right recruitment metrics will help you fix any holes in your digital hiring performance. 

The rise of digital technology has changed the way recruiter can get in front of candidates. Whether it’s through social media, online PR or digital branding, especially for young talent, digital techniques are helping recruiters stand out from the crowd and land the best hires. 

So let’s not stop there, let’s keep pushing the boundaries, evolve, adapt and strive for more. The digital word is just getting started…..