4 Tech Recruiting Trends to Watch Out For

18 May 2023

The last couple of years really shook things up and the tech industry felt the impact. The pandemic brought about new recruiting trends like remote work, a candidate-driven market, and automation.

It's one thing to adjust to this new reality, but keeping up with changes to hiring trends in tech is a real challenge.

So, what does the future hold for recruiters worldwide in 2023? What's the best way to hire in this post-pandemic world? How can you keep on top of this ever-changing industry?

The answers to these questions should give you a clear idea on how to set yourself up for success while hiring tech talent this year.


Trend #1 – Data-Driven Recruiting

Recruiting top talent requires leveraging real-time analytics. Talent acquisition leaders should use metrics such as pipeline growth, acceptances by team, department, location, cost and quality of new hires, and candidate-feedback scores to reduce manual work and make informed hiring decisions.

Data analysis in 2023 is crucial to capitalising on emerging talent market trends. This approach allows analysis of successful strategies and improvising the approach for the future.


Trend #2—Employer Branding and EVP

98% of recruiters believe that promoting company culture while having a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is crucial to attracting top candidates.

As recruiters, it is important to evaluate what your company culture stands for and how candidates can thrive in the workplace. Be specific about the EVPs you offer, such as upskilling opportunities, remote work processes, and flexible hours to attract qualified candidates.

A well-outlined EVP creates a healthier company culture with better work-life balance, prioritization of mental health, and encouragement of remote/hybrid work. These candidate-friendly policies strengthen your employer brand and put the employees first.


Trend #3—Candidate Driven Market

The pandemic increased the skills gap, making recruiting tech talent an uphill struggle. Due to the scarcity, candidates have more power when selecting whom to work with; they can afford to be selective.

Competitive pay is no longer enough to attract top talent. Utilise data-driven recruiting techniques to discover if candidates are seeking work-life balance, a healthy company culture, remote work, or investment in learning and development.

Recruiters and hiring managers need to be innovative to stand out from the crowd and attract the best.


Trend #4—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fair representation and inclusion in tech across the world have taken centre stage in recent years. It's what modern recruitment is all about.

Recruiters have seen candidates reject job roles due to a lack of diversity in the workplace. It's time to be intentional about building a diverse tech team to stay relevant and fully embrace the advantages of D&I in 2023.