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Mike Hollowbread


Having started life in Essex Mike moved to Portsmouth university at the age of 18 where he studied history. Having quickly realised the real world uselessness of his degree he hoped on a plane to Asia to “find himself”. Having found little other than endless buckets and Chang beers his final destination was Australia. 

Mike Joined an international Boutique IT recruitment brand when it was in its infancy cutting his teeth on the Testing Market, before making the cross over into the Devops and Cloud space. With personal accomplishments including multiple incentive trips, future leader nomination and directorship Mike built a team of consultants across infrastructure markets from scratch. 

Mike joined up on a venture with Co-Founder Michael Carter in March 2021 on the tail end of Australia’s pandemic  to launch Change Recruitment – a company that genuinely wants to make a difference.

Having trained and mentored some of Australia’s best talent Mike believes that Recruitment is an industry that can give you everything you want, should you be prepared to put everything in. With drive and likability at the top of the list of hiring qualities to really make it in the industry. 

Mike enjoys the occasional beer, moaning about going bald, and hacking around a golf course most weekends. 

Feel free to get in touch with Mike at mh@changerecruitment.com.au