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Michael Carter


Born and raised in Birmingham in the UK, Michael began his professional life as a Building Surveyor/Architect with dreams of a property portfolio – but soon realized he wasn’t cut out for the built environment, or the English weather – so made his way to Australia with a backpack and little knowledge of what he wanted to do next.

After some less than fruitful positions as a Banana Humper, Tradie and Charity Salesperson, he took up a position as a junior recruitment consultant at an international boutique IT recruitment agency in Sydney, where he carved out a niche in Javascript Recruitment. During that time he won awards for being the global number one consultant, future leader and eventually director of the year, whilst managing 24 profitable consultants. 

With the entrepreneurial spirit engrained into him from a young age, he decided that the time was right to set up shop and along with co-founder Mike Hollowbread they birthed Change Recruitment with the aim of changing the world.

For Michael, there is no question too dumb, no idea too stupid and no problem that can’t be solved. Where there is a will there is a way and as long as you are willing to implement the strategy and get your head down then Michael believes that you are guaranteed success whilst working for Change Recruitment. 

Michael believes that to be successful you need continued support and guidance from those around you. You can be safe in the knowledge that every counteroffer, every dropout, every possible scenario, will have the full knowledge and support of the management team at every level. 

Outside of work, competitiveness is a common theme in all endeavors, whether that be a very poor standard of football, ok standard of weightlifting or professional level beer drinking, the aim is to be number one! 

Feel free to get in touch with Michael at mc@changerecruitment.com.au today.