Ariella Devai Photo

Ariella Devai

Specialist Javascript Consultant

Ariella was born in Sydney and raised in a family of Hungarians, so she’s bursting with energy! 


After finishing school, she bounced around not really knowing the right path, working as a waitress, both a leisure and corporate travel agent and a pub manager (because are you really an Aussie if you haven’t worked in a pub?). She soon realised her extensive customer service experience, hustle mindset and love of helping others were better suited to recruitment, and in 2021 she took the plunge to join Change and never looked back! 


Ariella is now our permanent JavaScript specialist. Her passion for her work has her constantly looking for ways to further her knowledge of her niche, the market and tech as a whole. She loves to be able to give expert advice, solid insight and sometimes a bit of hard truth for both her clients and candidates. 


She’s a big believer that knowledge is power, but that the key to any successful business is having the right people with you. Her goal is to make real positive change for the people she works with, striving daily to find not just the right skill match, but the best fit for the team, knowing this is what creates true longevity in roles. 


When Ariella isn’t working, you can find her brunching, reading a good book or more often than not having a good session down at the pub!