Recruiting An IT Contractor

15 Nov 2021

Dubbed as one of the demanding jobs, recruiting data engineering roles is pretty complex. With the rapid development in the IT realm, the contract role is also getting more complicated, requiring a thorough understanding of technical skills.

As per the 2019 Modis report, roughly 67% of engineering and technology firms hiring managers aim to hire new tech talents. But those managers are not always sure about how to recruit those tech experts.

In order to recruit those IT experts, IT recruiters need to figure out more than just their technical skills. The more visible factors include their communication skills, cultural fit, and behavioral traits. We have a few tips for you which you can follow while dealing with an effective recruitment process of an IT contractor:


Follow a flexible methodology.

When it comes to the flexible evaluation model, the hiring manager’s insights are of paramount importance. A flexible model implies a procedure that allows the hiring manager to assess a candidate’s potential impact in collaboration with his/her team. Evaluating such candidates is important because it will help in determining the company’s requirements and expectations.


Do your homework.

Not all recruiters do have a background in data science or machine learning. They might not even differentiate what a cloud administrator is. Perhaps, they might interchange an app developer with a web developer. These things are very crucial, and there is a need to clarify such kinds of wrong judgments.

Once you get hold of the idea behind data science, you can start highlighting the skillset of the IT contractor by conducting a thorough background check. The more in-depth evaluation will help in identifying if their tools, integrations, or processes are capable enough to handle the project at hand.

For instance, one can perform background checks on an applicant’s LinkedIn profile to see how much they know about the information technology sector at large.


Know where your competitors are hiring.

While reviewing the application, it is essential to check their previous employer profiles. Then you will be able to pick out who is doing what better than anyone else. Given that the market is very competitive, you need to hire IT contractors who have the edge over your competitors.

And before you offer them a job, ask yourself if they are really worth it or not. Employing people who are only earning you profits does not give you full satisfaction as well as additional benefits.


Create your ideal candidate.

If you have the opportunity to hire the best talent out there, you would definitely do it. But not everyone can afford that luxury. Therefore, before continuing further with your digital recruitment process, make sure you create the ideal candidate profile.

This will help you understand if the candidate is worth hiring or not. The ideal candidate should possess certain traits like good communication skills, emotional resilience, and frequent interest in learning new things. Apart from that, they should be open to feedback and willing to try new things frequently.


 Stick your nose to your candidate's preference.

 Due to tech shortages, qualified tech professionals are getting more opportunities to choose from. So you must be flexible with the candidate’s preferences and needs and let them work from their preferred environment.

Recruiting qualified tech professionals is easy but finding those who can establish a good rapport with the team and work efficiently is difficult. Before hiring an IT contractor, make sure they will develop a good interaction with your existing team or not.


Linkedin emphasized that tech talents seek these factors when job hunting:

Benefits – 63%

Salary – 67%

Location – 59%

Work/Life Balance – 29%

Company Culture – 60%


Use technology effectively.

According to Korn Ferry, 70% of hiring managers use the candidate’s technology proficiency level as a key criterion for evaluating their offers. The report also showed that the overwhelming majority of the hiring managers are investing more in making their IT contractors highly competitive versus other factors like soft skills or career progression opportunities.

Thus, you need to make sure your IT candidate is good at his/her technical skills and proficient with the relevant technologies.



A robust recruitment plan optimizes the chances of getting the right candidate amongst a pool of potential applicants. It is always better to be overly prepared and ensure you do not miss out on a single opportunity.


At Change Recruitment t, we follow a comprehensive strategy when it comes to IT contract hiring. We take care of every aspect of the recruitment cycle, including development, implementation, and execution. In addition, we collaborate closely with our clients and develop a detailed recruitment plan to make the process more flawless and efficient.