How To Stay Ahead in App Development

18 Apr 2022

App Developers who are truly good at what they do are always looking to improve their craft. When you stop trying to develop yourself and your career, it is a sure sign you will start to fall behind. Aspiring app developers and programmers often seek career advice: "What should I do next? How can I find a job? How can I prepare for work in the software industry?" These are all valid questions so here are a few points that will give you a chance at succeeding in app development.

Practice, trial and error, this will lead to app development perfection.

Try to write as much code as you can, even when starting out as an App Developer. Have a look around the web and find problems or maybe just make up problems that interest you, then have a go at fixing them. If you get stuck on a problem, you can look for help on developer forums or set the problem aside for a while. But keep going back to it as it may be an invaluable lesson for the future.

When you've finished solving a problem, look for ways to enhance the features to your solution. The more practice you have writing programs, the better your developer skills will be.

Have other app developers review your code

Other developers can find flaws that you're too entrenched in the code to notice. Kind of like not being able to see for looking. Or you maybe too close to your own work to see an error. Reviewers are generally quite critical but respectful and you should take this as constructive criticism. Always try to respond to criticism and reviews with an open mind. Think carefully about each comment and decide whether the suggestion makes sense to you. Remember these people are here to help and expand your knowledge in App development.

Be highly critical of your own code

Don't be satisfied with code that merely works. As mentioned before, try to enhance what you have, make it cleaner, better functioning. Messy code and hacks are never the best to come back to for later changes. Good code does more than simply work. Good code is readable and maintainable. Good code runs efficiently. Whatever the kind of code you are writing, remember, there's always room for improvement.

Don’t be afraid to questions

Whether it be in college classes or in the workplace or maybe just in a forum, ask questions. People sometimes feel the need to apologise or are too embarrassed to ask what they may think is a stupid question. You should feel this way, you need to learn and asking questions even the small ones is the best way to do this. A question is only easy if you know the answer. Ask. Ask. Ask.

Do you truly understand app development concepts?

Sometimes, app developers ignore a gap as they try to grasp a particular concept.

Maybe it is because they are too busy, too embarrassed, or too lazy to stop and think in-depth about the concept. Eventually, that lack of understanding will come back to haunt you. Cutting corners simply does not work in coding. Never take the easy way out. It will only create multiple problems for you and potentially your colleagues’. Even if it doesn't, you may carry around the nagging feeling that you don’t fully understand what you’re working with.

If you don't understand something that's useful for you to know, stop and try to figure it out. This will benefit you in the long run and make you a better App Developer which in turn will make it easier for digital recruiters to place you in the perfect role.

Do what you love to do

Try to work in something you love. If you have a passion to learn you work, you won’t go far wrong.

We all have to do jobs we don’t want sometimes to get that paycheck and support our families or pay the rent etc. But once your skillset id more developed and you learn across the field in App Development, you may find some areas you love and later be in a position to pick and choose the work you take on. We all start somewhere but have the focus to get to the place in your career where you have a good balance of job satisfaction.