Digital Recruitment and Selection Process

21 Mar 2022

In the past decade or two, the priority of digitising hiring has fluctuated with changes in the recruitment market and competed with other organisational priorities. The competition for top talent has become more and more demanding over the years, and digital recruiters looking for a competitive advantage turned to emerging tech to help source, attract, select, and ultimately hire the best talent for their business.

Throughout the pandemic, digital recruitment has gone from nice-to-have to a must-have; digital recruiters around the globe scrambled to find ways to attract and hire the right talent remotely, and are now looking to make sustainable investments in an end-to-end digital recruitment process. 


Benefits of a fully digital recruitment process

Each manual step of sourcing, selection, hiring, and on-boarding takes hours of your time and even more of your budget.

Not to mention, with digital recruiters and hiring managers spending time on job postings, interview scheduling, resume screening, or collecting onboarding materials, they’re taking time away from their high-impact, revenue-driving priorities. 

Traditional selection processes are riddled with bottlenecks like: 

  • Consistently writing and posting job advertisements
  • Searching for and contacting candidates on job boards or social media
  • Manually retrieving and reviewing resumes from job boards, ATS, and email
  • Manually contacting candidates, and scheduling interviews
  • Collecting on-boarding documents over email or in-person 

It ends up looking something like this, where every step of the process requires manual effort from someone in your organization to move a candidate forward.

Tasks like these all prevent hiring processes from being as fast, efficient, and cost-effective as they could be. Not to mention, they create a lengthy and unpleasant experience for candidates and hiring managers alike. 

Some tasks, like interviewing and training, will always be done best by doing a face to face or a personal call. But, with the technology available today, repetitive manual tasks like document collection, sending application updates, and assessing candidates can be done more quickly and accurately using technology. So why not take advantage of all the recruitment tech out there.

ATS providers integrate with websites and multiple tools to save on these day to day jobs and will free up time for you guys to concentrate on your clients and candidates. You can now engage your candidates automatically.


Engage candidates automatically

Hopefully, your candidate has undergone an engaging, informative application process. If they have, they’ll likely be excited about the role and the company. You don’t want to risk waiting too long, and letting that excitement fade or even losing them to a competitor.

Candidates want to know their status. By automating candidate engagement through your ATS, via text or email, you can alert candidates to their progress without having your recruiters spend hours on follow ups. At scale, automating things like application receipt, FAQs, and interview scheduling can save thousands of work hours.

Plus, in some industries — like retail or hospitality, your candidates may also be your customers. So this will ensure they are engaged throughout the process and keeps them updated.

Traditional, manual process, selling the role to candidates becomes a laborious process for recruiters and hiring managers. In a digital process, you have the opportunity to embed different media and engagement tools.