Jennie Managuelod Photo

Jennie Managuelod

Tech Recruitment Coordinator

Jennie has always been passionate about tech. Jennie studied Electronics and Computer Technology which was a prerequisite to her Engineering studies.

She noticed that there were very few women in tech which inspired her to study tech in her college years receiving awards as a top student for her hard work and high scores in her national exams. 


Jennie's first job was an HR Administrative Assistant where she learned how to deal with candidates properly. She was working in Customer and Tech Support where she was awarded for being the best researcher, most knowledgeable and best in customer support.


Jennie was involved in voluntary work helping people find their dream jobs. She has also coached friends and family for free and has changed their lives.


In her spare time, she enjoys taking care of her four dogs, voluntary service, studying physics, learning about new tech software and advocates physical, mental and spiritual health.